What 5 Women Would Tell Their Younger Selves

What 5 Women Would Tell Their Younger Selves
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On a gloomy Fall day in October, I sat down with 5 women individually in Los Angeles, California - the city where dreamers from all over the world go to “make it happen” - and asked them about what inspired them to enter the careers or field of work they’re in. Though some creative, some in the medical field and each of them diverse in what they do for work.. there was a surprising (and not so surprising at all) common theme I picked up on between each of them.

It made me think about the common thread between what truly “embodying your dream” often really means and looks like - and how the work is more than just career deep.

In fact, it has much more to do with our relationship to our selves.

Grace Zander (@gvzander) with The Novelist Bucket Tote from shoplikedreams.com

The questions that opened the conversations were simple.

What title best describes you?
What inspired you to do what you’re doing?
What’s your favorite thing about your job?

…The typical and sometimes redundant questions that Angelino's are often used to getting asked before charismatically excusing themselves to the snack table to escape the small talk. Observing the unique way’s in which each of them expressed themselves - some thoughtful and reflective, some with the upmost confidence in the world, some unsure of how to even answer… I reflected on the beauty of their individuality. I thought about how there is no baseline for what it means to be capable, no baseline for what it means to be worthy, no baseline for what it means to be called to or to naturally occupy the space of your own unique navigation in this life.

How our differences give life meaning and pave the way for innovation, opportunity and purpose.
How important it is that each of us know that our dreams - no matter what they are - matter.

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As each of our conversations came to a close, I asked them one final question..
"What would you tell your younger self to inspire them toward what it is that you’re doing now?”

Here's how they responded, some with tears in their eyes. 

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  1. “I’ve completed my schooling and have been a nurse for a few years, I know that I’m good at what I do.. but I still struggle with imposter syndrome a lot. I’ve always felt this way.. like I struggle to believe I’m the one able and deserving to do what I do. Sometimes I don’t know how I got here. I would tell my younger self that you’ve worked hard for this, you belong here and you’re deserving of this”, — Yamili Burgos (Nurse)

  2. “I would tell my younger self that perfection is an illusion - even “perfect” things can be disliked by people. There’s no point in striving for perfection - have fun! Your creativity is fine the way that it is. Experience life the way it’s meant to be - raw and real and without expectation.” — Roni Shasanmi (Writer and Photographer)

  3. “I’d tell my younger self that you can do more than you think you can.. you’re thinking too small. I have a relationship with God and He’s the main reason that I’ve gotten here; telling me, ‘you don’t realize where I want you to head and what it is I have for you.’ If I didn’t have that.. I would stay in 9-5 jobs that felt safer, more secure or that people would give me a thumbs up for because it makes them feel better. I’d tell myself to trust my intuition and take more chances while you’re younger and there’s less at risk.” — Taylor Pircey (Photographer, Author and Innovative Entrepreneur in community events)

  4. “For a long time, I boxed my future in to what I considered “real careers”. I knew what I loved but I certainly couldn’t be "lucky" enough to do what I loved for a lifetime. The things I’ve loved as a child have been the things I’ve been giving myself permission to pursue with the rest of my life. I would tell my younger self to keep it up, that she’s got this. She knows what she’s doing. I’d tell her that even though she’s trying to be more like me - all grown up, mature and put together.. I’m trying to be more like her.” — Grace Zander (Multi-disciplinary artist in tattoo, graphic design and film)

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I reflected on their responses with tears in my eyes as well, finding myself relating deeply to each of them. Their responses hit home for me and I thought about how much of it stemmed from internalized unworthiness, taking on of other people’s fears as our own and ultimately a lack of trust or belief in ourselves that's more common than we always realize.

It isn’t uncommon that doing the work to put yourself in the spaces that are for you and the spaces that you are for - the spaces that you feel you may only dream of embodying - require you to not only know yourself but to have courage to walk in the truth of who you are. If you’re spiritual or religious - having the awareness that doing so is also honoring an expression of the Creator’s finest work.

To regularly remind yourself that you’re more than fine the way you are and you’re worthy of occupying the space you’re in. To understand that possibility is endless. To know that perceived limitations are only as real as the weight you give them and most of all.. YOU CAN TRUST YOURSELF. 

Dreamers, this is the work - and this is what it means to #EmbodyYourDream.


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