BTS of The Puffer Collection F/W 23 - THE SEASON OF CHANGE

 Fall often represents a season of change — the old dying off while making way for the new to come. This couldn’t ring truer for us and our current season as a company. We’ve been in the midst of picking and pruning all the pieces of our brand, letting what’s run its course float away as the wind brings change and taking a deeper look at how we can prepare for growth in ways that our dreams are made of. While the bags themselves are crafted with quality and precision that you can take anywhere, the collection represents more to us than what might be seen on the surface. So, what makes this collection so special or different? Simply put, this is the first collection we’re dropping with an entire new re-brand as a company.
Inspired by the strong-willed belief that all are qualified to do what calls to them — this collection represents all that goes in to the reality of what that looks like and just like our re-brand as well as each of the pieces, growth itself is intentional. It serves a purpose and it keeps what’s ahead in mind. It takes hard work and determination… yet you must also be soft and know when to be fixed on the purpose but flexible in the approach.
If all else fails, a heart full of audacity and courage goes a long, long way.
It’s with great pleasure we drop this collection to serve as a reminder for each and every one of us — you are more capable and more qualified than you may believe to embody the unique dreams of your very own (and don’t forget to pack your bag with what you need to carry them through) 
From us to you,


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