Copy of About Us

LIKE DREAMS is the colorful romance of Urban Fashion & Poshy Elegance coming alive in ready-to-wear accessories. Our designer handbags, fanny packs, satchels, & backpacks are made with top grade vegan leather, built to last on the pursuit of achieving your Dreams. 

Head designer & founder Jin-woo has been the creative savant behind major brands such as Calvin Klein, Betsey Johnson, Fashion Nova, Forever 21 & more. Her behind-the-scenes role evolved to center stage in 2008 where our 1st flagship location opened in Los Angeles, California. 

Since then her dream has expanded into NordstromsBloomingdales, Free people & the grand opening of our 2nd east coast location in New York City, New York. 

We are strong believers in the endless places and opportunities our girls will take us.

Our vision? To help you get there faster & look ready when you do.

Shop now & listen to the color of your Dreams